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Cyber Security Tips for using Video Conferencing Software

The world has moved online for their daily personal and official meetings in Dubai as well. It’s easily accessible from the laptop and Mobile phones as well through the convenient mobile application. There are various video conferencing mobile app used in Dubai, UAE for one to one, and group meetings online. These apps can be used with packages free access, FREEmium, and paid premium for the calls. Group meetings are allowed up to 100 people at a time.

There are various free and paid Video conferencing software available:

1. Zoom App

2. Skype

3. Google Duo

4. MS Teams

5. GoToMeeting

Lockdown, during the COVID period, has driven the demand for video conferencing at different levels – it was helpful for individuals, corporate, and families across the globe.

With the demand surging for video conferencing, the threat of security and privacy started to emerge high time. The hackers started creating problems and we all saw security threats and breaches for data theft.

Let us go through some important tips while choosing the app

Use Business Grade Software: If you are in business, never opt for any free tools available online. It is better to consider the known sources for using such apps. Renowned and stable apps provide relevant settings to control and manage the meetings as per the requirement.

Check for updates: You can have a very close look at the updates and the patches on the app to ensure there are no hidden vulnerabilities.

Check access code: In an organization, it has been seen that the access codes are used by many people for using certain machines or files but it is important to restrict such unwanted sharing of the access code. Sometimes if becomes difficult as well to monitor or control access.

If you wish to know more about understanding the security vulnerabilities in the applications you are using now, get in touch with us via email [email protected]


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