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Cybercrime Investigation

Protect your Personal Reputation & Private Information from a Cyber Attacker

Our cybercrime investigation experts take care of cyber threats related to an individual and organizations across the globe. Our personal cybersecurity services are available for everyone, be it an individual or company. We are cybercrime investigation specialists in Dubai, Mumbai and Delhi. Our experts are helping people to protect their reputation, brand, privacy and other important information. Our experts are helping individual, corporates, celebrities, politicians, brands, high profile people, etc to protect their brand image and social handles.

Unfortunately, everyone is susceptible to cyber-attacks; if you are a high-profile individual, your risks are even greater. You may already be a target of active and persistent attackers right now. They could be competitors, ex-partners, fans, stalkers, private investigators, cyber criminals, hacking groups, nation-states, foreign governments, hacktivists, journalists, paparazzi, law enforcement, opportunists and many others.

Attacks come in many forms: stealing personal information, phishing e-mails, identity theft, phone hacking, malware, viruses, social media hijacking, accessing your bank details, financial theft, cyber stalking, obtaining private pictures… the list goes on.

We can protect you from all types of cyber attackers!

How we protect you

  • Based on your specific need, we perform a detailed risk assessment of your current digital threats and vulnerabilities. This will include all areas of your digital footprint such as mobiles, tablets, laptops, social media, banking, Internet, e-mail, SMS, pictures, documents, home, business and any other area we identify as needing protection.
  • Then, we provide simple and easy solutions to prevent any and all compromises of your digital footprint so even the highly skilled and well-resourced adversary will be deterred.
  • We then maintain and monitor your security for continued active protection.


  • Protection from any and all types of cyber attack
  • 24/7 access to a dedicated security expert
  • Simple, easy and effective solutions
  • Worry-free security (let us deal with it)
  • Covers all areas of your digital footprint
  • Advice and training where needed
  • Total confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement
  • Military-grade protection that even professional security services cannot bypass
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