Are IT managers really struggling to handle Cyber Attacks?

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Are IT managers really struggling to handle Cyber Attacks?

In last 6 months of COVID pandemic various researches has showed that various organizations faced challenge of reducing the cyber risk at their end.

The foremost reasons for same were:

  • These were multi directional cyber attacks
  •  It is well coordinated effort of hacks
  • Shortage of right skills

There are different types of cyber attacks experienced by the IT Managers and it has been really difficult for them to manage it. The attacks were multi-directional.

A Few types of cyber-attacks are mentioned below:

  •  Software Exploit: 35%

  • Credential Theft: 21%

  • Malicious Code: 35%

  • Phishing Email: 53%

  • Ransomware: 30%

  • Data Breach: 41%

IT managers had to face various challenges and during this COVID period they were too busy in safeguarding the assets of organization from cyber attackers. It is evident with the above numbers that the effort of IT managers had increased manifold.

They might have taken various approaches to minimize the risk of cyber-attacks that includes:

  • Reduce risk of software vulnerabilities

  • Monitor the updates and patches

  • Reduce the chances of Email and Web based attacks

  • Spam filters, blockers and policy warning

Within the organization a close look at the physical port restrictions at endpoint level had been taken to deal with the risk of attacks being introduced via USB drives & devices.

IT managers had a big role to play in this duration within the organization. It is hence very important to upgrade the skills to prevent the vulnerabilities and threats in the organization. As per few researches it was clear that most of the companies are struggling to even finding and hiring a right talent to take care of the IT infrastructure and the IT systems. They are struggling even to hire cyber security talent. Individuals who are keen in getting hired during this period are already upgrading their skills.


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