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Can we talk about Cyber Security Skills Gap?

Do you know that there are huge skills gap for the profile of Cyber Security in Information Technology Industry? There is massive deficit when it comes to availability of the resources. In USA, there were more than 250,000 security professionals’ openings that went unfilled. There is a huge demand globally for hiring and training more staff in cyber security.

Large corporations usually adopt proactive approach towards cyber security and vulnerabilities whereas mid-sized companies focus on developing the capabilities among their staffs to handle malware, cyber threats, phishing, email attacks, website hacks, system automations, and various other threats intelligence. Even if it is a large or mid-size company, the demand for staff is always high.


Rising Cyber threats led to increasing demand for compliances and further increase in demand for the right IT Cyber Investigation resources. The entire demand is driven by the compliance requirements by the regulatory authorities. For example: The companies with European Union (EU) customer base have to comply with the requirements and guidelines of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


If you are taking care of the IT and Infrastructure of any organization think what you actually did to secure the setup. It is very important for the employee to have a proper understanding of the real world challenges, real world experiences and much required technical skills. Every cyber security expert should possess good soft and hard skills. Similar is expected from the organization if they are very serious, they should think about upgrading skills of the employee and retain them after much needed training on cyber security.


The job responsibilities are massive and it is obviously tedious for a cyber-security expert to handle everything on the own. Cyber professionals are busy with troubleshooting and fault finding; hence, always short of time to learn something new on their own.

Cyber security world faces various challenges in terms of managing tasks and upgrading people with the right skills. Performing the job is a very tedious task in cyber security profile. It is thus very important to fulfill the ever increasing demand of right candidate in the job world for the cyber security profile. There is huge gap and it should be filled with the help of skill development programs at the corporate level and training at individual level.

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